Become distributor of the porte piéton® gl A quality product

The pedestrian doors designed exclusively by Pedestrian Garage Doors® GL for more than 20 years offer an interesting and lasting alternative to individuals and Canadian companies from various fields of activity. Our product enjoys an undeniable and growing popularity, making it attractive to any manufacturer of residential, industrial and commercial garage doors.

Becoming a distributor of the pedestrian® GL door also means and above all have a guarantee of fast delivery for your urgent orders. Do you need a door in the same day? You will receive it in just a few hours!

Available in both glazed extruded aluminum and high quality steel, our pedestrian doors are fully customizable and will give character and functionality to any driveway, loading dock, deck or other. Also, many handle configurations are offered to suit the needs of each customer.

Significant benefits for your business

  • The pedestrian® GL doors are manufactured using durable materials that are resistant to weather, sun and cold. 
  • They integrate with virtually all types of insulated polyurethane doors from 1 inch 3/4 to 3 inches thick.
  • An exclusive circuit breaker system for power doors is available to ensure increased safety. A pick-up service is available from distributors.
  • A tailor-made technical support service is available for installers as well as vendors.

And do not forget that you will always be able to count on the know-how of our experienced specialists, who know the product precisely and will constantly give you the right time, whatever your needs or demands.

Opt for a quality trademark with the GL footbridge®. Contact us today to learn how to become a distributor or for any other matter.


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